Technical consultants new built jack up barge & offshore operations offshore wind turbine installations.
  Customer: Unicredit (in co-operation with 8.2 Consulting AG)

New business development planning
                                                                   Customer :Alewijnse Marine Systems.

Start up of international technology consortium in the UK for the development of deepwater offshore wind turbines.
                                                                   Customer Blue H Technologies.

Start up of international consortium for the worldwide operations activities for offshore wind turbines. 
Customer Blue H Technologies.

Management advisor offshore technology developments and offshore activities built out
                                                                   Customer: Eneco New Energy

Management advisor 'new business'
                                                                   Customer: Croon Electrotechniek.

Start up 'Offshore Wind Service' department
Customer: Croon Electrotechniek

Investment technical advisor wind turbine design.
                                                                   Customer: Regen Power Tech.

Market study for engineering company with respect to relevant market developments.
                                                                  Customer Techno Fysica bv.

Technical due diligence purchase of several onshore wind parks.
                                                                 Customer: 8.2 Consulting AG

Technical assessments several onshore wind parks.
                                                                 Customer 8.2 Consulting

Lead consultants for the development and implementation of the condition monitoring programme.
Customer Vestas Windsystems A/S.

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